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Type Hollow barreling Direction left hand Suitable for Beginner s Lenght of ride short

Swell Report

Station 62095 - M6 - West Coast
Updated: Wed, 08 Nov 2017 13:37:24 +0000

November 8, 2017 1300 UTC
Location: 53.04N 15.53W
Wind Direction: W (260°)
Wind Speed: 21.0 knots
Significant Wave Height: 15.7 ft
Average Period: 8 sec
Atmospheric Pressure: 30.24 in (1024.1 mb)
Pressure Tendency: +0.01 in (+0.4 mb)
Air Temperature: 56.1°F (13.4°C)
Dew Point: 52.5°F (11.4°C)
Water Temperature: 55.8°F (13.2°C)

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Whats it like!

Dunlaughin is the main spot in connemara to go to, it is a narrow beach but the rocks on either side cause nice waves to surf, with irelands unpredictible weather, id give dunloughin 8 out of 10 to have good waves, when there is a east wind the waves are taller but tend to break in numerous places so you often end up surfing the whitewater, but with the common south west wind you get an exelent curl that glides along the wave for maximium surfing, the beach has a brilliant attmosphere with no houses near but is excelent for camping with a couple of cans, fun to be had by all, surfs up my friends, see you there.

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Beginner (grom)
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Lunatic Big Waver