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Doolin Point

Doolin Point is fairly well known but is a challenging surf, but really can surprise with fast rides. Getting out is a skill so watch the locals or ask around. Booties are definately a good idea. Please take our advice on the skill level, when its working it can be a super wave. Probably one of the most undersetimated waves around.

Swell Report

Station 62092 - M3 - 30 NM Southwest of Mizen Head
Updated: Sat, 10 Dec 2011 13:36:28 UT

December 10, 2011 1300 UTC
Location: 51.217N 10.55W
Wind Direction: WSW (240°)
Wind Speed: 18.1 knots
Significant Wave Height: 11.2 ft
Average Period: 7 sec
Atmospheric Pressure: 30.00 in (1015.8 mb)
Pressure Tendency: -0.05 in (-1.6 mb)
Air Temperature: 50.2°F (10.1°C)
Dew Point: 42.8°F (6.0°C)
Water Temperature: 53.6°F (12.0°C)

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What's it like!

Wave Quality Long point break rights good for carving and flying down the line. The Surfers Mellow vibe as long as you don’t try to dominate the lineup

Paddle Out Study how the locals do it before charging out. Booties recommended due to sharp reef.

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Skill Level:

Beginner (grom)
Intermediate (exp)
Lunatic Big Waver